Latest WWE 2K15 Info and Predictions

By Donald Wood (Photo: Todd Williamson/Associated Press)

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    WWE 2K15 New Trailer Highlights

    by Brian Mazique

    WWE 2K15 plays like a simulation wrestling title. Some may ask how a scripted exhibition of athleticism and drama can be a sim . Once you've played a match of this game, though, you'll have a better understanding of what I mean... Read More »

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    Exciting Alternative Roster Ideas for MyLeague and MyGM

    by Brian Mazique

    The depth of roster editing allowed in NBA 2K15 is enough to make a roster editor lose sleep dreaming of new concepts and cool ideas. I know from experience... Read More »

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    DriveClub Review

    by Brian Mazique

    DriveClub is clearly a big deal to Sony and the developers from Evolution Studios. The PlayStation 4 exclusive has been in development for over two years... Read More »

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    New WWE 2K15 Mode Has Great Longevity

    by Brian Mazique

    The lifeblood of professional wrestling flows in the veins of its feuds and rivalries. Without them, the show would simply be nothing more than large men performing scripted, acrobatic and brutal maneuvers with no soul... Read More »