FIFA 15 Release Date and Early Review

By Tim Daniels (Photo: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

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    NBA 2K15 Introduces Face-Scan Technology

    by Brian Mazique

    The NBA 2K team may have finally outdone itself. On Wednesday, the team announced new Face-Scan technology for its create-a-player suite. All summer, NBA 2K 's hashtag campaign has been, Your Time Has Come... Read More »

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    NHL 2K Series Returning to Mobile

    by Brian Mazique

    The NHL 2K series hasn't been heard from since 2010 when NHL 2K11 released for the iPhone and Nintendo Wii , but the once highly acclaimed series is coming back for mobile devices in the early fall... Read More »

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    Full Breakdown of FIFA 15

    by Matt Fitzgerald

    The second next-gen console edition of EA Sports' FIFA franchise will release September 23 in North America... Read More »

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    Breakdown of New NBA 2K15 Game

    by Rob Goldberg

    One of the top video games on the market is set to return when NBA 2K15 is released on October 7. According to IGN , NBA 2K14 was the third highest-selling video game on next-generation ... Read More »