1. UCLA Alumnus Unveils Learning Center as Gift to Former School

    Baron Davis glanced out onto the playground from the window of Room 51 at South Park Elementary in Florence-Graham, Calif.....

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  2. I'm Excited to See: Wooden Award Race

    Last season began with a variety of contenders for the Wooden Award, one of college basketball's honors for national player of the year. But Doug McDermott seized the lead early and maintained it for the bulk of the season...

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  3. AdamZagoria: Former UConn Commit Prince ...

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  4. Analyzing the UCLA Bruins' Basketball Roster

    The UCLA Bruins basketball team enjoyed a successful 2013-2014 season by winning the Pac-12 tournament championship and advancing to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament.....

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  5. UCLA Basketball: Expectations for the Bruins' Incoming 2014-15 Class

    While the floors of Pauley Pavilion are ripped out and replaced with a state-of-the-art court after damage from a burst water main destroyed the court UCLA played on last season, the Bruins are in a reconstructive phase of their own...

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  6. 'No Contingency Plan' for Pauley Pavilion

    Hours after workers scrambled to clear out standing water in UCLA's Pauley Pavilion, the school's athletic director, Dan Guerrero, met with insurance adjusters to assess the damages caused by Tuesday evening's water main break on Sunset Boulevard...

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  7. Video: Floods Sweep Through Athletic Center

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  8. Massive Water Main Break Floods Sunset Boulevard, UCLA Campus

    massive water line break sent a geyser shooting 20 to 30 feet into the air and turned busy Sunset Boulevard into a raging river that roared down the thoroughfare and flooded the nearby UCLA campus...

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  9. Image: Massive Flood Invades Pauley Pavilion

    A massive water main break inundated Sunset Boulevard near UCLA Tuesday afternoon, stranding cars, a bus and drivers in several feet of swiftly rising water and mud...

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  10. UCLA Announces Schedule for 2014-15 Men's Basketball Season

    LOS ANGELES – The UCLA men's basketball team will play 17 regular-season home games and one exhibition game in Pauley Pavilion next season, including a non-conference meeting against Gonzaga and nine games against Pac-12 Conference opponents...

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  11. Steve Alford Quickly Turning the Tide for UCLA Basketball

    LAS VEGAS — Multiple times each week, the Varsity Club meets in the Pauley Pavilion weight room. Some days it’s a cardio workout on the treadmill or stationary bike...

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