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Underrated Core Putting Kings on Map

By Stephen Babb (Photo: USA Today)

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    Landry Proving His Value to Kings

    by Sim Risso

    SACRAMENTO, Calif — After a difficult return campaign with the Sacramento Kings in 2013-14, Carl Landry is making his presence felt this time around, helping the team get off to a 6-5 start... Read More »

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    Kings Bet Big on Gay-Cousins Duo

    by Jim Cavan

    Over the past few seasons, Rudy Gay has become something of a poster child for the analytics movement. He's a player so pulling and polarizing, it’s a wonder the Sacramento ... Read More »

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    Report: Kings Ink Gay to 3-Year Extension

    by Tyler Conway

    Last December, the Sacramento Kings became Rudy Gay 's third team in less than a calendar year. Rejuvenated in Sacramento, Gay ensured he'll be sticking around long-term by signing a three-year, $40 million extension... Read More »

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