1. Marcel Reece Reveals Details of His Foot Injury

    Raiders FB Marcel Reece calls his injury a "foot issue" to me: Catch-up summary: Oakland Raiders FB Marcel Reece is dealing with a foot injury that he suffered last week...

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  2. Will Mack Channel His Inner Clay Matthews?

    Oakland Raiders linebacker Khalil Mack admitted this weekend that he needs to turn up his game in Week 3 of the preseason. Perhaps being on the same field as a player he has been often compared to will help...

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  3. Analyzing Derek Carr vs Matt Schaub

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  4. Raiders FB Reece to Have MRI on Ailing Foot

    Raiders fullback Marcel Reece couldn't finish Sunday's practice with a right foot injury. He couldn't go Monday either, and was seen sporting a small walking boot on his ailing appendage...

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  5. Raiders' Matt Schaub seeks to convert doubters

    If the Raiders first-team offense were a transit system, there would be thousands of dissatisfied commuters...

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  6. Maurice Jones-Drew Is Prime Bounce-Back Fantasy Football Candidate

    If you're willing to take the leap of faith, Maurice Jones-Drew could potentially be poised for a nice comeback season. Between age, injuries and ineffectiveness, MJD has gone from stud to outcast...

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  7. Breaking Down Oakland Raiders' Likely 2014 Opening Game Starting Lineup

    After two preseason games, the Oakland Raiders roster is starting to take shape. With two games left to play in the preseason, there's still time for players to make an impression, but this is mostly for reserves fighting for playing time...

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  8. Matt Schaub Locked in as Raiders' Week 1 Starter

    The Oakland Raiders ' first two preseason games have been a reality check for a mistake-prone first-team offense lacking in star power...

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  9. Raiders LB Mack: 'I Have to Step Up on My End'

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  10. Matt Schaub's Limitations Becoming Painfully Obvious in Oakland

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  11. Raiders Notebook: Tight End Leonhardt Making an Impression

    Brian Leonhardt has come so far that he is finally on a first-name basis with Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Olson.....

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  12. Raiders Rookie Guard Gabe Jackson Learning His Lessons Well

    Gabe Jackson has had a helpful voice in his ear during training camp and the preseason. It's just one of the many quirks of the NFL that the voice belongs to the person whose job the rookie is trying to take...

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  13. Greg Olson: MJD, Veteran Raiders Trying to Prove They 'Have Life Left' in NFL

    The Oakland Raiders hired Greg Olson to be their new offensive coordinator this past offseason. What has he seen from rookie quarterback and second-round pick Derek Carr so far ...

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  14. Raiders Safety Charles Woodson Says Oakland Would Be Devastated

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  15. Woodson on Slow Start, Green Bay, and Possibility of Raiders Leaving Oakland

    While coach Dennis Allen said he is not concerned at all about his defense after the first two preseason games, safety Charles Woodson admitted that the Raiders have to be a “tiny” bit...

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  16. Raiders Sign TE Kyle Auffray

    The Oakland Raiders have signed free agent TE Kyle Auffray (OFF-ray), General Manager Reggie McKenzie announced Sunday...

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  17. Raiders Notes: Allen Pleased with 'More Explosive' McFadden

    Dennis Allen wasn't Raiders head coach in 2010 or 2011, when Darren McFadden was at his very best. The slashing rusher averaged 5.3 yards per carry in those two seasons, whopping sums he hasn't matched since Allen took over in 2012...

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  18. Raiders CB Hayden Closer, Still Not Ready to Return

    Raiders cornerback DJ Hayden still has some time to spend on the road to recovery. The second-year pro had surgery to repair a stress fracture in his right foot approximately eight weeks ago, but he isn't ready to return this upcoming week...

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  19. Oakland Raiders vs. Detroit Lions: Report Card Grades for Each Raiders Unit

    Most early reports indicated that the Oakland Raiders were having a very good training camp, which is why the team's subpar performance in the preseason opener was so disappointing...

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  20. Khalil Mack Has Another Quiet Night vs. Lions

    OAKLAND – Khalil Mack bull rushed his way into the pocket, broke to the inside and brought Detroit Lions quarterback Kellen Moore down...

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  21. Derek Carr Injury: Updates on Raiders QB's Concussion and Return

    Updates from Monday, Aug. 18 Ian Rapoport of NFL .com passed along Derek Carr's status after his injury: Original Text Derek Carr had a promising start to the preseason, ...

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  22. Allen: Derek Carr Suffered Concussion vs. Lions

    Derek Carr's promising evening for the Raiders came to a screeching halt in the fourth quarter of Oakland's 27-26 preseason win over the Detroit Lions ...

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  23. Derek Carr Isn't Ready, but He's Clearly Better for Raiders Than Matt Schaub

    If Oakland Raiders head coach Dennis Allen's head-coaching career comes to an untimely end this offseason, there's no question what quote will be used in the obituary...

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  24. Derek Carr Suffers Concussion vs. Lions

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  25. Raiders Rally Past Lions 27-26

    Matthew Stafford and Detroit 's passing game looked in midseason form even with star Calvin Johnson on the sideline watching...

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