1. NBA Playoff Primer: Schedule, Storylines and Predictions for Thursday, April 24

    Three series, six games to date, a win and a loss for each team. If you don't have NBA playoff fever by now, stick your head in a freezer and watch NBA TV until you get one...

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  2. Is LeBron James on Same Playoff Path as Michael Jordan?

    LeBron James ’ playoff success forces us to consider whether he is moving in the same direction as Michael Jordan...

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  3. Advantages Chicago Bulls Must Exploit to Reclaim Series with Washington Wizards

    The Chicago Bulls are down 0-2 to the Washington Wizards in their first-round playoff series. But don’t worry Chicago fans, your team has what it takes to come back. It isn’t over...

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  4. LaMarcus Aldridge Displays Playoff Dominance Unseen Since Michael Jordan

    For the first two quarters, it was Dwight Howard who had the basketball-viewing universe believing in superstar resurrections—devastating help defense, ferocious slams delivered beyond breathable air, the look of a god with a game to match...

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  5. How Can the Houston Rockets Slow LaMarcus Aldridge and Regain Playoff Hopes?

    LaMarcus Aldridge is bringing Blazermania back—and the Houston Rockets aren't doing much to stop him. Aldridge led the Portland Trail Blazers with 43 points in a 112-105 loss for the Rockets...

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  6. Brooklyn Nets Need More from Deron Williams to Be Legit Playoff Threat

    Gone are the days when Deron Williams routinely averaged 18 points and 10 assists per game with the Utah Jazz en route to two All-NBA Second Team appearances...

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  7. Canzano: Series Is Now in Aldridge's Hands

    HOUSTON --- You'd totally understand if they found pine tar on LaMarcus Aldridge 's neck after Wednesday night's performance at the Toyota Center...

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  8. Harden Unable to Shake off Rust in Game 2 Loss

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  9. Portland Trail Blazers vs. Houston Rockets: Game 2 Video Highlights and Recap

    Game 2 of the year's most exciting first-round series kicked off on Wednesday, when the Houston Rockets squared off with the Portland Trail Blazers...

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  10. Watch: Aldridge Goes for 43 in Game 2

    LaMarcus Aldridge scored 43 points tonight as the Portland Trail Blazers defeated the Houston Rockets to leap into a 2-0 series lead in Round 1 of the 2014 NBA Playoffs...

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  11. Marion Rushes Home for Baby's Birth

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  12. After 2 Games, Mavs Better Than Spurs

    Even with five minutes left and the Mavericks up 20, it just didn't feel secure. The Spurs being the Spurs, having so much magic in those old legs, seemed like they had a 12-0 run in them at any moment to make Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavs squirm...

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  13. LA Moves into NBA Spotlight After Game 2 Win

    There wasn't any one highlight Wednesday night that explained LaMarcus Aldridge . Maybe he's beyond explanation...

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  14. Call of the Game: LA Dunks It in Asik's Face

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  15. Dunk of the Night: Wednesday, April 23

    LeBron James and the Miami Heat might have struggled to put away the underdog Charlotte Bobcats on Wednesday night, but it wasn't from a lack of dunking, that's for sure...

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  16. Josh McRoberts Says Elbow to LeBron James' Throat 'Wasn't Intentional'

    MIAMI -- It's been a struggle for many Heat fans to get excited for this first round series against the Charlotte Bobcats , not only due to the absence of fear, but also of animosity...

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  17. Aldridge Joins MJ in Elite Playoff Company

    LaMarcus Aldridge is first player with 80+ points and 15+ rebounds in team's first 2 playoff games since Michael Jordan (April 25-27, 1997)...

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  18. Al Jefferson and Scrappy Bobcats Earn Respect Despite Game 2 Loss to Heat

    MIAMI — Four seats from where the media gathered, an old basketball warrior sat stoically, only occasionally looking up from his phone to survey the scene...

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  19. Blazers vs. Rockets: Game 2 Score and Twitter Reaction from 2014 NBA Playoffs

    We'll take a couple more of these, please. Three days after an overtime thriller in the series opener, the Houston Rockets and Portland Trail Blazers put together another scintillating ...

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  20. Roy Hibbert's Downfall Coming at Worst Possible Time for Indiana Pacers

    Roy Hibbert has pulled a disappearing act that could potentially result in the Indiana Pacers getting eliminated in one of the first two postseason rounds...

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  21. Clifford: 'We Were Terrible' Taking Care of Ball

    MIAMI The Charlotte Bobcats proved Wednesday they won't be pushovers to the Miami Heat . Now will they get past the “feisty” and “scrappy” descriptions to ...

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  22. 5 Areas Utah Jazz Must Upgrade or Improve This Offseason

    If there's a self-help book specifically written for NBA organizations, the Utah Jazz might have just gone through chapter one: starting a rebuilding...

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  23. Goran Dragic Thrives on Memory of Being Called 'Worst Player in the NBA'

    This might be the Year of the Horse by the Chinese zodiac, but in Phoenix, 2013-14 was the Year of the Dragon...

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  24. Dallas Mavericks' Big Win Reminds Spurs That They're Not Your Typical 8th Seed

    The Dallas Mavericks are the No. 8 seed in the Western Conference side of this year's postseason bracket. That means they're the wild West's worst playoff team and should have no shot against the top-seeded San Antonio Spurs ...

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  25. 3 Biggest Mistakes Philadelphia 76ers Made This Season

    I realize this may sound delusional, but bear with me. I'm having a hard time finding mistakes the 76ers made this season, both on and off the court. Yes, I realize they went 19-63 and at one point in the season lost 26 straight games...

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