1. Should LA Lakers Keep Kent Bazemore?

    It's well known that the Los Angeles Lakers only have three players currently under contract for the 2014-15 season, meaning basically everyone on the roster—aside from Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Robert Sacre —is a free agent this summer...

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  2. Nick Young Puts Extra Swag on His 1st Pitch at Dodger Stadium

    Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Nick Young threw out the ceremonial first pitch at Dodger Stadium on Wednesday, and the results were less than stellar...

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  3. Instagram: Swaggy P, Farmer at Dodgers Game

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  4. Pau Gasol Says There Has to Be 'Significant Changes' to Stay with Lakers

    The last couple years have been rough for the Los Angeles Lakers , and Pau Gasol 's had it about as bad as anyone in the purple and gold. He was benched in year one of the Mike D'Antoni era...

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  5. Pau Says Team Needs to Make 'Significant Changes'

    A key Lakers star has pressed on the organization to make “significant changes.” His name is not Kobe Bryant ...

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  6. Kentucky's Randle Grew Up a Kobe Bryant Fan

    This year's NBA draft is full of a number of players who could be future stars at the next level. Guys like Jabari Parker, Dante Exum, and Andrew Wiggins are all very highly touted prospects...

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  7. Nick Young Had a Ball at Tuesday Night's Los Angeles Kings Game

    He wore a custom jersey and rode the Zamboni, and his hair was perfect. Yes, Nick Young had the time of his life at Tuesday night’s L.A. Kings game...

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  8. Swaggy P Had the Best Night Ever at the Kings Game

    Nick Young's team may not be in the NBA playoffs, but that didn't stop him from having possibly the greatest night ever at the Kings ' game on Tuesday...

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  9. The Biggest Takeaways from Los Angeles Lakers' 2013-14 Regular Season

    Are there silver linings to the Los Angeles Lakers' 27-55 campaign? Is there a chance that head coach Mike D’Antoni could actually return, despite seemingly endless vitriol ...

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  10. Mike D'Antoni Rumors: Latest Buzz and Speculation Surrounding Lakers Head Coach

    Mike D'Antoni 's run with the Los Angeles Lakers isn't over just yet. After a forgettable 27-55 season marked the worst campaign of the 62-year-old's coaching career, ...

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  11. Rumor: D'Antoni Returning to Lakers as Coach

    The speculation continues to swirl about the immediate future of head coach Mike D'Antoni. The fans are livid about the result of this season and want change immediately, but D'Antoni ...

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  12. Forbes: Kobe Upset, Lottery Trade?

    Ain't no sunshine any more in Lakerdom, as rebuilding drags into its second season. Kobe Bryant was in Paris (the one in France) when his teammates were in El Segundo (the one next to Los Angeles) for exit interviews...

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  13. Lakers Could Target Fred Hoiberg or Tom Izzo as Next Head Coach

    The Los Angeles Lakers may very well be done with Mike D'Antoni as their head coach and firing him would be a move that the fan base would likely fully support...

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  14. Kobe's Secret Weapon

    Judy Seto is the only female carrying the title of head physical therapist in men's professional sports, and a therapist Kobe Bryant wants exclusively.....

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  15. Season in Review: Kent Bazemore

    In trying to rebuild a team Mitch Kupchak rarely does things on a whim. He doesn't take chances unless there is a pay off. Steve Blake is an example of this...

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  16. Does Wesley Johnson Have a Future with the Los Angeles Lakers?

    The Los Angeles Lakers signed a number of new players to one-year auditions this past season, and none received more starter minutes than Wesley Johnson . The result was intriguing, if not somewhat of a mixed bag...

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  17. Kobe Bryant Begins On-Court Training Monday

    In what marked the first time training on a basketball court since fracturing his left knee nearly five months ago, Kobe Bryant worked out Monday at the Lakers ' practice facility in El Segundo for about two hours...

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  18. Lakers Only Received Second Round Trade Offers for Pau Gasol

    Los Angeles Lakers owner Jim Buss was apparently more than okay with trading longtime power forward Pau Gasol , but general manager Mitch Kupchack, not so much.....

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  19. Should Mike D'Antoni Stay or Go?

    The Lakers season has mercifully ended. The final result was a 27-55 record, the worst in Los Angeles Lakers history...

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  20. What Offensive System Should Lakers Use in Kobe's Twilight Years?

    Los Angeles Lakers fans are hoping to see Kobe Bryant back in uniform for the start of next season after an agonizingly long layoff...

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  21. Lakers Were Never Offered More Than 2nd Rounder for Gasol

    Over the last few years, Pau Gasol has been the consistent subject of trade rumors, having to sweat out the trade deadline every season...

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  22. Report: Jim Buss Offered to Step Down If Lakers Don't Recover in 'A Few Years'

    Well, the rebuilding Los Angeles Lakers might not be as patient as we thought. Part-owner and executive vice president of basketball operations Jim Buss gave himself a couple ...

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  23. Why Chris Kaman Will Be a Steal in 2014 Free-Agency Market

    Chris Kaman still has something left in the tank. The question is, who’s going to pay for it and how much? The big man with the soft shooting touch played just 39 games during the Los Angeles Lakers ’ snakebitten campaign...

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  24. Final Regular Season Grades for Every LA Lakers Player

    Collectively, the Los Angeles Lakers produced their worst season in franchise history. Individually, the players all get passing grades accompanied by a cloudy future...

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  25. Lakers Mum on D'Antoni's Future as Coach

    LOS ANGELES – Mitch Kupchak talked in-depth about Kobe Bryant 's early vacation, Steve Nash's poor health, Pau Gasol 's free agency and the Los Angeles Lakers ' high draft pick on Friday...

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