1. Why Wayne Ellington Has Real Chance to Stick with Los Angeles Lakers

    Wayne Ellington might face an uphill battle for minutes with the Los Angeles Lakers, but the 26-year-old shooting guard should like his chances of at least securing a roster spot...

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  2. Where Does Robert Sacre Fit?

    Robert Sacre was supposed to be the forgotten man. The 60th and last pick of the 2012 NBA Draft was set to become a ghost, that person you see but you don't really see because he is no longer there...

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  3. Has Kobe Bryant Already Played His Last Postseason Game?

    Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers is one of the greatest players in the history of the game. His name has become almost synonymous with "postseason," but the reality is he has very likely competed in the last playoff game of his career...

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  4. Lakers Sign SG Wayne Ellington

    El Segundo - The Los Angeles Lakers have signed shooting guard Wayne Ellington, it was announced today by General Manager Mitch Kupchak...

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  5. Los Angeles Lakers Can't Afford to Make Ed Davis the Odd Man out

    Someone is going to be disappointed on the Los Angeles Lakers frontcourt. With the athletic Ed Davis , the scrappy Jordan Hill, the seasoned Carlos Boozer, the bruising building ...

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  6. Los Angeles Lakers 2014-15 Win/Loss Projections

    The Los Angeles Lakers will look to bounce back from a disastrous 2013-14 campaign this year, hoping that the return of Kobe Bryant can propel them back into playoff contention out west...

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  7. Is Young Next Sixth Man of the Year?

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  8. Lakers Nation Debate: Expectations for Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson

    Topic: We wonder what the expectations are this season for the Los Angeles Lakers two rookies, Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson.....

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  9. Los Angeles Lakers Starting Steve Nash Over Jeremy Lin Would Be a Mistake

    Given that training camp has yet to begin for the Los Angeles Lakers , it may be a bit early to be predicting mistakes. But a decision to start the chronically injured Steve Nash over 26-year-old Jeremy Lin could be just that...

    David  Murphy Written by David Murphy about 1 day ago 19,291 reads 40 comments

  10. Jeanie Buss 'Not Worried' About Kobe Coming Back and Contributing

    The Lakers were unable to land any star-level players in free agency this summer, so the team's fortunes will hinge almost completely on just how ready Kobe Bryant is to return from injuries that derailed him for all but six games last season...

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  11. What Does Kobe Bryant Have Left to Prove to Rest of the NBA?

    Long the poster boy for defiance, determination and self-scissored destiny, Kobe Bryant 's to-do list shouldn't include the burden of proof...

    Dan Favale Written by Dan Favale about 4 days ago 45,050 reads 312 comments

  12. Who Should Start at Small Forward for Los Angeles Lakers?

    To say there’s not a lot of obvious depth at the small forward position for the Los Angeles Lakers is saying just a little. It’s a tale of “tweeners...

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  13. What Can Lakers Center Jordan Hill Do to Justify His Big Salary in 2014-15?

    A quick glance at Jordan Hill ’s five-year NBA career shows glimmers of greatness, sudden bursts of brilliance and enough stretches of high-energy athleticism to warrant ...

    Howard Ruben Written by Howard Ruben about 4 days ago 8,567 reads 26 comments

  14. Bold Predictions for Kobe Bryant's 2014-15 Season

    Entering the 2014-15 NBA season, nobody knows exactly what to expect out of Kobe Bryant . At 36 years old, he's preparing for his 19th year in the Association...

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  15. Nick Young Tells Laker Rookies to Call Him “Daddy Swag”

    Swaggy P has another nickname. Swaggy P answers to that nickname or the name his mother calls him, Nick Young...

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  16. Nick Young Says Lakers Have to 'Prove Something' This Year

    Expectations are not very high for the Los Angeles Lakers this upcoming season, but that means nothing to the players who will be suiting up in the purple and gold.....

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  17. Lakers Who Can Change the Team's Defensive Fortunes

    Let's face facts Lakers fans. If Kobe Bryant is still able to produce at an elite level, Nick Young and Jordan Hill build off last season, Jeremy Lin and Carlos Boozer prove their ...

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  18. Kobe Bryant Finds Inspiration to Change, Prepare for Future, in Tracy McGrady

    LOS ANGELES — It happens all the time with all sorts of people. On occasion it can be as graphic as what has happened to Donald Sterling and Ray Rice with their livelihoods...

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  19. Kobe Bryant's Passing Is the Next Step in His Battle to Defeat Father Time

    Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest players in NBA history. With five NBA championships, multiple scoring titles, an NBA MVP, two Finals MVPs and an 81-point game, he's a statistical giant...

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  20. Can the NBA Ever Replace Kobe Bryant?

    Few jerseys are as recognizable as the purple-and-gold No. 24 (or No. 8, if you go back far enough), donned by a current player who will be elected to the Hall of Fame as soon as he's eligible...

    Adam Fromal Written by Adam Fromal about 6 days ago 63,746 reads 159 comments

  21. Nick Young Impressed with Skills of Randle, Clarkson

    Both had impressive moments during the summer league, and have been working out at the Lakers training facility with the rest of the team...

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  22. Steve Nash's Final Ride Shows NBA Titles Are Not All That Matter

    Rings aren't everything. Just ask the 40-year-old Steve Nash . Championships have long been used to measure collective and individual NBA greatness...

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  23. How Will Kobe Bryant's Final Chapter Compare with Michael Jordan's?

    If there are any two basketball superstars who have been compared ad nauseam , it is Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Each were/are ridiculously talented and competitive players...

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  24. VIDEO: Lakers Workout 5-on-5 at Practice Facility

    While some Lakers choose to work out individually (namely Kobe Bryant ), many others Lakers have been taking part in scrimmages and workouts at the Lakers facility...

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  25. Los Angeles Lakers Feel Jeremy Lin Has Untapped Potential

    In terms of Jeremy Lin's offensive abilities, they've never been in question. His defense has proven to be another story, but offensively Jeremy Lin has routinely been among the better in the league...

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