1. Lakers Rumors: LA Would Be Foolish to Move Julius Randle for Eric Bledsoe

    The Los Angeles Lakers may be keeping their head coaching vacancy open like it's a 24-7 Wal-Mart, but that isn't stopping the front office from making roster moves. The team's next potential move, though, could be the worst of the summer...

    Adam Wells Written by Adam Wells about 5 hours ago 6,615 reads 63 comments

  2. How Steve Nash Can Still Play a Valuable Role for Los Angeles Lakers

    Los Angeles Lakers fans never got to see the real Steve Nash donning the Purple and Gold, and at this point, they probably never will...

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  3. Live Stream: Jeremy Lin's Press Conference

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  4. Lakers Unveil Lin's No. 17 Jersey

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  5. Lakers Deny Rumors of Waiting for Doc

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  6. Lakers News: Analyzing Latest Signings Including Jordan Hill, Ed Davis and More

    After a busy summer already for nearly every NBA team, the Los Angeles Lakers are still searching for several pieces to start the regular season. For starters, a new head coach would be nice...

    R. Cory Smith Written by R. Cory Smith about 10 hours ago 1,838 reads 1 comments

  7. LA Lakers Face Another Season with Mostly Temporary Help

    The Los Angeles Lakers entered the summer with a skeleton crew, hoping for a significant makeover. But after missing out on the LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes, the ...

    David  Murphy Written by David Murphy about 12 hours ago 7,004 reads 95 comments

  8. Can Jordan Clarkson Carve Out a Role with LA Lakers?

    It might be difficult for Jordan Clarkson to find a role with the Los Angeles Lakers . Still, general manager Mitch Kupchak selected him with the 46th pick in the draft because ...

    J.M. Poulard Written by J.M. Poulard about 15 hours ago 11,094 reads 60 comments

  9. Why the Los Angeles Lakers Will Regret Waiving Kendall Marshall

    On July 18, the Los Angeles Lakers decided to waive young point guard Kendall Marshall . This came as a surprise to many, and the Lakers will eventually regret their questionable decision...

    Joseph Zapata Written by Joseph Zapata about 20 hours ago 2,675 reads 14 comments

  10. Why Winning Over Kobe Bryant Is Los Angeles Lakers' Biggest Offseason Victory

    Offseason victories come in all forms, and the Los Angeles Lakers , firmly fixed to a finespun rebuild, won theirs by not losing Kobe Bryant . Viewed pessimistically, the Lakers' offseason can be seen as discouraging...

    Dan Favale Written by Dan Favale about 1 day ago 17,089 reads 98 comments

  11. Lakers News: Latest Buzz on Jeremy Lin, Free-Agent Signings and More

    It has been an offseason of firsts for the Los Angeles Lakers, a franchise still without a leader. Not literally, of course, but it sure feels like it...

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  12. Why Julius Randle Is the Los Angeles Lakers' Most Pivotal Player Next Season

    Too much of the Los Angeles Lakers ' future is veiled by mystery and chance, little of which will change during the 2014-15 NBA season...

    Dan Favale Written by Dan Favale about 1 day ago 11,535 reads 88 comments

  13. Ed Davis: Kobe Bryant Is 'A Legend, and I Can't Wait to Learn from Him'

    A happy Kobe Bryant makes life better for all Los Angeles Lakers players. Fortunately for Ed Davis, he's already realizing this, even if he's only been a member of the storied organization for a matter of days...

    Adam Fromal Written by Adam Fromal about 1 day ago 22,744 reads 145 comments

  14. Lakers News: Los Angeles Smart to Re-Sign Nick Young and Ryan Kelly

    The Los Angeles Lakers finished the 2013-14 NBA regular season with an abysmal 27-55 record, but the franchise has spent the entire offseason making smart moves like re-signing Nick Young and Ryan Kelly...

    Donald Wood Written by Donald Wood about 1 day ago 3,344 reads 1 comments

  15. Can Jeremy Lin Be the Long-Term Point Guard for Los Angeles Lakers?

    For a guy who has been beloved at every stop in his brief career, Jeremy Lin has had a hard time finding an NBA home. He may have just found one with the Los Angeles Lakers ...

    Grant Hughes Written by Grant Hughes about 1 day ago 44,250 reads 260 comments

  16. Video: Kobe Drops 36 in Summer League

    Kobe Bryant suffered his fair share of bumps in the road on the path becoming one of the better players to pick up a ball, but that doesn't mean he wasn't good from Day 1...

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  17. Can Kobe Bryant and Jeremy Lin Coexist in Los Angeles Lakers' Backcourt?

    Jeremy Lin and Kobe Bryant might just be the Western Conference's starting backcourt for the 2015 NBA All-Star Game, but the Los Angeles Lakers are looking for something more than champions of popularity...

    Dan Favale Written by Dan Favale about 2 days ago 36,327 reads 130 comments

  18. Report: Lin Wants Bigger Role with Lakers

    The ink has yet to dry on the trade between the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers that sent Jeremy Lin to Southern California, yet the point guard is already barking orders...

    Adam Nofflett Written by Adam Nofflett about 2 days ago 9,825 reads 25 comments

  19. Lakers Rumors: Trade for Eric Bledsoe Wouldn't Be Right Move for Team's Future

    With the Los Angeles Lakers expected to have another tough season in the Western Conference, trading for Eric Bledsoe isn't the right move for the team's future...

    Tyler Brooke Written by Tyler Brooke about 2 days ago 45,348 reads 173 comments

  20. Who Will Start at PG for the Lakers?

    At this point, the acquisitions of Jeremy Lin and rookie Jordan Clarkson appears to be an immense upgrade at the point guard position...

    Benjamin Cruz Written by Benjamin Cruz about 2 days ago 3,602 reads 4 comments

  21. Does Carlos Boozer Really Deserve Punch-Line Status?

    The announcement that the Los Angeles Lakers had won the bidding process on Carlos Boozer was largely met by derision from fans as well as media pundits...

    David  Murphy Written by David Murphy about 2 days ago 14,719 reads 106 comments

  22. Can Julius Randle Be LA Lakers' Next Star?

    Los Angeles Lakers fans are hoping Julius Randle ends up rescuing the franchise from a bout with mediocrity. Perhaps he has what it takes, but the jury is still out...

    J.M. Poulard Written by J.M. Poulard about 2 days ago 17,357 reads 71 comments

  23. Ryan Kelly Officially Re-Signs with Lakers

    The Lakers officially signed second-year forward Ryan Kelly on Monday. The team had made Kelly a restricted free agent with a $1-million qualifying offer. The contract he signed is for two years; financial terms have not been released...

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  24. Why Lakers Fans Should Cherish Kobe Bryant's 2014-15 Campaign

    Enjoy the next chapter of Kobe Bryant 's career, Los Angeles Lakers fans, because, for one last time, it's going to feel familiar. Injuries have polluted what figured to be an age-abolishing twilight not two years ago...

    Dan Favale Written by Dan Favale about 3 days ago 23,753 reads 125 comments

  25. Lakers Trade Rumors: LA Shouldn't Move Julius Randle for Eric Bledsoe

    Let's all say it together—the idea of the Los Angeles Lakers shipping away Julius Randle in a sign-and-trade with the Phoenix Suns for Eric Bledsoe is horrific...

    Chris  Roling Written by Chris Roling about 3 days ago 23,012 reads 21 comments