1. 5 Things the Los Angeles Clippers Learned Against the Golden State Warriors

    The Los Angeles Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors series has been hyped by many as the most intriguing first-round matchup in this year’s playoffs, and Game 1 on Saturday did not disappoint...

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  2. Dunk of the Night: Saturday, April 19

    All-Star power forward Blake Griffin may have had the worst game of his postseason career in the Los Angeles Clippers ' 109-105 loss to the Golden State Warriors , but that didn't stop him from winning Saturday's Dunk of the Night award...

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  3. Chris Paul Stresses Clippers' Need for Blake Griffin After Loss to Warriors

    LOS ANGELES — Blake Griffin and Chris Paul exited the shower at separate times, each wearing similarly special and snazzy red and blue Jordan Brand slippers...

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  4. Griffin Has Great Seat to Watch Game 1 Loss

    LOS ANGELES – The Golden State Warriors captured a surprising and entertaining Game 1 victory against the Los Angeles Clippers on Saturday. Clippers forward Blake Griffin had a great seat to watch most of it...

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  5. Warriors Find Rhythm in a Game 1 Without Any Flow, Beat Clippers

    This game was nearly ruined by officiating. One team didn't win or lose because of the officiating. Instead, everyone involved and watching came close to losing in what should have been a fun, free-flowing game Saturday afternoon...

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  6. Five Things to Take from Clippers' 109-105 Game 1 Loss to Warriors

    Below are five things to take from the Clippers ' 109-105 Game 1 loss to the Golden State Warriors at Staples Center...

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  7. Doc: 'Hype' of Series Impacted Officiating

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  8. Video: Crawford Hits Halfcourt Shot at Buzzer

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  9. Does Chris Paul's Legacy Ride on Clippers' Playoff Success?

    The Los Angeles Clippers have been working their way toward a deep playoff run for several seasons now, and even though they seem to be better than ever, there's one player in particular who is under the most pressure...

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  10. Final Regular-Season Grades for Every LA Clippers Player

    The Los Angeles Clippers made history during the 2013-14 NBA regular season by notching 57 wins to set a franchise record for victories...

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  11. Building the Ideal Playoff Rotation for LA Clippers

    The arrival of Doc Rivers to the Los Angeles Clippers has changed quite a few things, but perhaps the biggest difference is the level of trust between the players and coaching staff...

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  12. CP3's Son Has Cooler Shoe Collection Than You

    Chris Paul 's son is undoubtedly the cutest kid (though he does have a bit of competition with these pint-sized golfers), but it seems like his dad isn't just letting his adorableness do the talking...

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  13. Complete Guide to LA Clippers' Postseason

    With the playoffs finally here, the Los Angeles Clippers drew one of the most difficult first-round matchups in the Golden State Warriors ...

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  14. Granger Expected to Play in Game 1

    PLAYA VISTA – The Clippers were still more than an hour away from their first practice leading up to Game 1 of the Playoffs...

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  15. Report: Granger Expected to Play in Game 1

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  16. Griffin Dishes on Bieber, Weed, and His PED Secret

    Blake Griffin is one of the five or six best players in the NBA , and certainly the funniest, which you know if you've seen the deadpan ads he does with sidekick (and bunkmate) Jack McBrayer from 30 Rock...

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  17. Blake Griffin 'Never Wanted to Be Famous'

    There is a strong chance you have seen Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin on TV in the past 24 hours...

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  18. Impact of Doc Rivers Felt in Many Ways

    On paper, the Los Angeles Clippers will end this season with nothing more than a one- or two-game improvement over last season's win total.....

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  19. Blake Griffin, JJ Redick out Tonight for Clippers

    Clippers forward Blake Griffin and guard J.J. Redick will not travel with the team for its final regular-season game Wednesday against the Portland Trail Blazers . .....

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  20. Los Angeles Clippers Set Franchise Record with 57th Win

    The Los Angeles Clippers earned their 57th win of the season Tuesday against the Denver Nuggets , setting a new franchise record for most victories in a single season, per NBA...

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  21. Clippers Shrug off Franchise Record 57th Win with Real Focus on Playoffs

    LOS ANGELES—The Los Angeles Clippers made history on Tuesday night, but you'd hardly have known it if you'd asked the team itself...

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  22. Shot at No. 2 Seed Still Alive for Clippers

    LOS ANGELES -- Doc Rivers said he thought about resting his players for the Los Angeles Clippers ' final home regular-season game. That was before he talked to them...

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  23. Clips Build 23-Pt Lead to Cruise over Nuggets

    LOS ANGELES – Doc Rivers wanted to win Tuesday's game against Denver, but not if it would cost the Clippers a twisted ankle or tweaked knee...

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  24. Clippers Earn Franchise Record 57th Win

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  25. Blake Griffin Suspended 1 Game for 16th Technical Foul of Season

    For a guy who looks like a friendly, easygoing superhero car salesman, Blake Griffin sure does fly off the handle pretty easily on the basketball court. This time, it’ll cost him, as ESPN's J...

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