1. Ex-Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Withdraws Lawsuit Against NBA, Wife

    Donald Sterling has withdrawn his lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court that accused his wife, Shelly, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and the league of fraud in the sale of the Clippers ...

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  2. Los Angeles Clippers' Biggest Red Flags Entering This Season

    A slow start to the preseason isn't the end of the world. The Los Angeles Clippers are taking note of that. The Clippers, who sit at 1-4 through five exhibition games , are trying to do the impossible: evaluate the team during the preseason...

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  3. Images: Clippers Party in Vegas with Rookie

    Seems the L.A. Clippers are over that whole Donald Sterling thing -- because the team hit up a Vegas nightclub together Saturday night ... and even (playfully) hazed one of their rookies right on the dance floor...

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  4. Farmar Keeping Regular Season on Mind with Back Pain

    Lower back tightness forced guard Jordan Farmer to sit out of the end of Saturday's preseason game in Las Vegas.....

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  5. Blake Griffin Leads the Break, Then Finishes with an Alley-Oop Slam

    There's a reason Blake Griffin finished third in MVP voting last season, and plays like this one demonstrate that to perfection...

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  6. Clippers Drop 4th Pre-Season Game

    The Clippers lost to the Denver Nuggets , 104-93, in Las Vegas on Saturday, their fourth loss in five preseason games.....

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  7. Faried Helps Nuggets Beat L.A. Clippers

    Kenneth Faried had 19 and seven rebounds to lead the Denver Nuggets to a 104-93 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers in a preseason game Saturday night.....

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  8. Blake Griffin Discusses Hard Fouls, Possible Retaliation

    Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin is typically on the receiving end of many hard fouls, but the All-Star stud doesn't intend to take it for much longer. According to Arash Markazi of ESPNLosAngeles...

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  9. Griffin: 'Probably' Will Retaliate for Hard Fouls

    LOS ANGELES - Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin said his frustration over continued hard fouls "probably" will result in him retaliating if it continues...

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  10. Clippers Find Their Fight in 101-97 Victory over Utah Jazz

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  11. Get Out of Blake Griffin's Way!

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  12. Crawford Scores 25 as Clippers Beat Jazz 101-97

    Chris Paul and Jamal Crawford hit clutch 3-pointers in the final minute and the Los Angeles Clippers beat the Utah Jazz 101-97 Friday night for their first victory of the preseason...

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  13. Video: Clippers' Blake Griffin Scraps with Jazz's Trevor Booker After Flagrant

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  14. Video: Griffin & Booker Get in Heated Exchange

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  15. Watch: Blake Soars Past Gobert for Dunk

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  16. Big Baby out Indefinitely with Strained Groin

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  17. DeAndre Jordan Shoots 100 Free Throws After Each Practice

    Even though DeAndre Jordan is a talented and athletic center, in the fourth quarter he often becomes a liability because of his poor free throw shooting.....

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  18. Matt Barnes Says Clippers Want to Win so Badly They're Overthinking

    Small forward Matt Barnes says that the Clippers ' 0-3 preseason record may be due to the team wanting to win a bit too much.....

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  19. Shelburne: Steve Ballmer Might Get Loud

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  20. Predicting the Good, the Bad and the Ugly for the 2014-15 Los Angeles Clippers

    The Los Angeles Clippers have their sights set on an NBA title after moving on from last year's Donald Sterling mess...

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  21. Los Angeles Clippers Won't Reach Title Potential Without Defensive Improvement

    PLAYA VISTA, Calif. — Ask the Los Angeles Clippers about what's gone wrong with their defense this preseason or what they can do to fix it, and you're bound to field a wide range of answers—or not much of an answer at all...

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  22. Can the Clippers Own the Future?

    The Ballmerization of the Clippers and the rejection of “eternal Clipper hell” doesn't mean Los Angeles isn't still a Lakers town. Clippers fans know that, and many of the lifers wouldn't want it any other way...

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  23. The Players' Tribune

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  24. Is There Room to Develop Young Talent on Crowded Los Angeles Clippers Roster?

    Developing talent might be the most important attribute of a team that is not actively discussed. Teams need to develop their young players they sign and draft in order to supplement their core players already in place...

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  25. Winners, Losers from LA Clippers' NBA Preseason

    We're two weeks into the NBA preseason. It's time to evaluate the good and the bad. During the Los Angeles Clippers ' 0-3 start to the year, we've seen "preseason" problems and systematic ones alike...

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