The Most Passionate Moments in Olympics History

By (Featured Columnist) on February 3, 2014

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The Most Passionate Moments in Olympics History

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The Most Passionate Moments in Olympics History
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The Olympics are a celebration of many things. There is sports, of course, and also nationalism, competition, and pride. But arguably the one factor that ties all these things together is passion.

Olympic athletes are often not high-paid, well-known figures like they seem during the few weeks that the Olympics take place. They are often just passionate, hard-working people who are dedicated to their craft and spend countless hours working and sacrificing to win a medal on the world's biggest stage.

For this list, I did not include some moments that would be regarded as extremely important, like Jesse Owens' success in 1936, the Black Power Salute in 1968, or the march of Korean Unification in 2000.

These were all incredible displays, but they're not really displays of passion as defined for this article. This list is full of examples of passion and emotion in the athletic arena that was visibly displayed and/or impacted because of the results of the event.

With the 2014 Winter Olympics just around the corner, let's relive the 10 most passionate moments in Olympic history.

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