Power Ranking the Best Winter Olympic Sports

By (Featured Columnist) on January 30, 2014

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Power Ranking the Best Winter Olympic Sports

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Power Ranking the Best Winter Olympic Sports
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The Winter Olympics are, without question, a little less flashy and a lot less sexy than the Summer Olympics. The winter games have well under half the number of events and the snow and ice focus makes what they do feel a little repetitive. 

That being said, the Winter Olympics are still pretty solid. What the games lack in variety and exposed skin, they more than make up for in death-defying action. Athletes treating themselves as human slingshots is certainly worth watching every four years or so. 

Of course, not all events are created equal. Of the 15 sports and disciplines that will be represented in Sochi, at least a handful of them don’t translate particularly well to television. But the rest are worth a watch, particularly in the devastating absence of football. 

Here are the Winter Olympics events ranked from worst to first. 

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