The 50 Most Spectacular Busts in Sports History

By (Featured Columnist) on January 22, 2014

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The 50 Most Spectacular Busts in Sports History

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The 50 Most Spectacular Busts in Sports History
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I'm not going to beat around the bush here—sports has seen its fair share of draft busts.

Whether it was a guy who was touted as the "next big thing," or was a high draft pick and fell flat on his face, fans are promised big things but often find bigger disappointment.

How can a guy be measured as the worst of all time, though?

I broke it down quite simply:

- How high was he drafted?

- Just how crappy was he?

- Was his crappiness due to something out of his control—like an injury—or was he just lacking talent?

- Did he have legal issues that derailed his career?

Using that simple formula, I was able to determine the most spectacular busts in sports history. Apologies if any of your favorite teams were the ones who drafted these guys.

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