Dumbest Athlete Arrests Ever

By (Featured Columnist) on January 21, 2014

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Dumbest Athlete Arrests Ever

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Dumbest Athlete Arrests Ever
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Athletes often do a lot of really smart things. Like say things like this when they are faced with questions they don't really want to answer. That's legit.

Athletes also often do a lot of really not-so-smart things. Like get arrested. Not so legit.

What makes this group especially reprehensible is the fact that all of these arrests seem to have been borne out of a brief lapse in judgment. It's like these guys had their brains turned off for the five minutes or so it took them to complete these "crimes," then came to and were like, "…Oops."

And yes, you can get arrested for dancing in public. Just FYI. 

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