Ranking the 10 NASCAR Drivers with the Shortest Tempers

By (Featured Columnist) on July 25, 2013

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Ranking the 10 NASCAR Drivers with the Shortest Tempers

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Ranking the 10 NASCAR Drivers with the Shortest Tempers
Jerry Markland/Getty Images
Pictured: A veritable time bomb with a very short fuse.

It is a certainty that drivers with short fuses are entertaining to watch. We do get a kick out of a Tony Stewart tirade as well as a Kevin Harvick beat-down. Things like that draw in the fans, as it adds a level of drama to the high-speed world of NASCAR.

Granted, in the heat of battle when all things are on the line, emotions get tuned up a bit. But a couple of fender-benders on pit road following the race and a few snide remarks to an ESPN camera doesn't even come close to the following drivers.

While these guys are the most vocal when they feel like they've been wronged, we can't accuse them of not having any passion for the sport they (and we) love.

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