The 12 Best Recruiting Hotbeds in College Football

By (Featured Columnist) on July 24, 2013

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The 12 Best Recruiting Hotbeds in College Football

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The 12 Best Recruiting Hotbeds in College Football

College coaches not only coach players on the field, but they also serve as essentially the scouts for the program. The great ones do not waste time on the recruiting trail, as they know exactly where to go for the best talent.

Football is a sport played all over the country, but certain areas produce better players than others. College coaches are not going to comb over Maine, nor will a program have several coaches recruiting Idaho. Hotbeds are where the talent is, and coaches spend most of their time recruiting from those areas.

Some hotbeds actually are hotter than others. One state known for producing elite talent is such a hotbed that it has to be broken into various sections. Another state is so large, and produces so much talent, that its hotbeds are essentially endless. A few surprises will also arise as this list unfolds.

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